Comfortable room of 16-18 square meters with sea view and balcony. The individual design of each room. Located on the 1st and 2nd floor. Number of rooms "Standard" - 6 rooms.

Цена: 2000 uah/night


Comfortable room area of 16-18 sq m, with sea view and balcony. The individual design of each room. Located on the 1st and 2nd floor. Number of rooms category "Superior" - 8 rooms.

Цена: 2500 uah/night
SUITE у готелі


Comfortable single room area of 18-22 square meters with sea view and balcony. Individual design . Located on the 2nd and 3rd floor. Number of rooms "Suite" - 5 rooms.

Цена: 3500 uah/night

At your service:


Сhildren's play ground with swings and a slide is located directly on the sand next to the hotel. Our young guests enjoy playing the playground under the cupervision of nurses.


Design-hotel Skopeli offers: Hammam and hot tub on the ground floor of the hotel with sea view and access to the sea!  Slippers, towels - we provide. The maximum number of guests is 5.


We offer an exclusive opportunity for you - photo shoot in our design hotel! We will help you choose a room whose design will impress you and the photos will be exceptional!


Guests of the restaurant "Veranda" offer culinary traditions of European and Odessa cuisine - delicious meat, poultry on tandoor and mangal, as well as specialties from fish and seafood of the freshest catch.


Massage will help you to improve your health, improve the condition of the skin, relieve tension and bring the body into a harmonious state. Please note that the massage therapist comes to a convenient time for you!


You can use the fishing tackle rental service and try your luck fishing from the pier next to the hotel! After all, fishing is a pleasure! Just imagine: silence, sea and you with a fishing rod.

Hotel offers
Summer! The sea! The sun! The beach!
 Summer! The sea! The sun! The beach!

Summer! The sea! The sun! The beach! All rooms at the design hotel «Skopeli» with sea view and balcony with furniture. Comfortable beach resort with sun loungers and umbrellas in two steps from the hotel and restaurant. Planned children's corner! Park, fishing, bike rental - this is not the list of services for your holiday.

 Autumn. Sea. Beachline.

Autumn. Sea. Beachline. You would fully dive into the rest on the sea seashore if you choose a room in hotel «Skopeli». Away from the noise of the city, breathing the recreation sea air, wrapped in a soft blanket. You have the opportunity to observe fascinating sunsets and sunrises, adding a cup coffee to complete the range of your feelings. We offer you to enjoy the harmony with nature, walks along the seacoast, receive energy boost and filled with unforgettable memories!

Autumn. Sea. Beachline.
Spring. Sea. Beach
 Spring. Sea. Beach

Spring. Sea. Beach. Gentle rays of the sun. Gulls, splashing waves. It's time to buy beach accessories and prepare for leisure activities on the sea! Walking along the coast or on the warm sand, holding the shoes, you should not miss the restaurant VERANDA! Flavor of the grilled dishes would not let you pass by!  

 Winter. Sea. Beach.

Winter. Sea. Beach. leisure activities at seashore in winter - is it possible? Of course, it is possible! This season is a great choice for people who loves winter seascapes! The color scheme of the waves, with overflow and subtle shades, sky and sparkling sunshine inspire the creation of creative masterpieces. The freezing of water in winter will give the opportunity to walk through the Black Sea! In a cozy room with an unusual design awaits you fireplace and a glass of good wine! Optionally, you can use the services of a spa bath and hamam with views of the sea.

Winter. Sea. Beach.

⭐ What services are available at the hotel in Odessa on the seashore for relaxing on the beach?

For a comfortable stay on the beach, the Skopeli hotel offers all guests sun loungers and parasols, as well as:

  • Towels are provided upon check-in and during the entire stay they can be changed as many times as necessary;
  • Additionally, the beach is equipped with latrines and specialized changing areas;
  • A qualified rescue team works on the beach.
⭐ What entertainment is there in the Odessa hotel by the sea for young guests?

For our little guests, right on the sand next to the hotel restaurant "Veranda" there is a children's playground with swings, a slide and a sandbox.

In order to make children's leisure time as diverse as possible, every weekend the Veranda restaurant holds interesting and interactive master classes where children can learn how to create unique things with their own hands or cook delicious dishes under the guidance of the restaurant's chef.

Additionally, there are water attractions on the beach, including bananas, buns, scooters, kayaks.
And of course, in the summer, animators work on the beach, who come up with dozens of games and contests to entertain the kids.

⭐ Which hotel rooms have a sea view?

All rooms of our hotel offer stunning views of the Black Sea. In addition, all rooms are equipped with balconies.

Is there a restaurant in Hotel Skopeli?

Design Hotel Skopeli has its own restaurant - Veranda. This is an ideal place for friendly meetings, romantic dates, family or corporate celebrations:

The main hall, designed for 90 seats, is divided into two cozy dining areas.
The outdoor summer terrace can accommodate 100 people.
The restaurant menu is filled with a variety of European and Black Sea cuisine. You will be offered:

fresh seafood delicacies,
salads of vegetables, meat, seafood,
branded recipes for meat and fish on the tandoor and barbecue.
From drinks lemonade, smoothies, fresh fruit, tea with a variety of berries and fruits. Also excellent draft beer, strong alcohol, cocktails for every taste.

What is nearby Hotel Skopeli?

The hotel is just 15 minutes from the city center, where the main attractions of the city are located:

Potemkin Stairs
Vorontsov Palace
Monument to Duke de Richelieu
Deribasovskaya Street
Import Market
At the same time, the famous beach of Langeron is also a historic place, also very picturesque. Here you can enjoy:

Jogging and driving along the sea on the Health Route;
Walks in Shevchenko Park, where the city amusement park is located;
Performances at the Nemo Dolphinarium.

How far is the hotel in Odessa by the sea?

Design Hotel Skopeli is located on the beachfront on the beach of Langeron. Exit to the beach will take you only a few minutes.

⭐ What kind of entertainment is there on the beach near the Odessa hotel on the seashore?

On the beach you can find:

  • pleasure boats,
  • jet skis,
  • various slides,
  • parachutes,
  • catamarans and more.