Odessa itself is a city-theater, so it is unique. In addition, each year is held in Odessa International Film Festival, has already gained recognition among the world's movie stars. There are whole cinema in which there IMAX halls on 387 seats, and such in Ukraine, there are only four in Kyiv, Lviv and Yalta. Now in Odessa. Other cinemas show 3D-films, and in many 3D-rooms too large, for example, at 327 seats. Studying before travel hotels in Odessa, should at the same time to know in advance about whether in any activities related to movies, movie showtimes, and so on. D. Of course, tourists can go to the cinema, and in any another city, including native. However, Odessa theaters give a special atmosphere, unique and different to any other. It's quite nice: go in the evening to the beach on the Black Sea to the cinema, and then go out and get on Deribasovskaya Street ... or stay at the hotel, visit the tour to see the sights and then a movie.

Planet Cinema

One of the best and unique Odessa theater is the club "Planet Cinema". Today it has a hall IMAX, as well as room 4DX. In addition, there are four hall 3D, one of which is large. Together, these rooms can accommodate a complex of at least 1,000 people at a time, that speaks for itself. If you like big screen, reaching a height of five-story building, if you want to sit in the chairs moving, you should visit this theater. It will leave a lot of impressions and emotions.

Cinema City

Semizalnym multicomplex is cinema "Cinema City", located in the shopping center "Srednefontanskiy." Rooms can simultaneously accommodate at least 1,300 people. Each of these areas in their own original way: architecture, style, colors. It is convenient and easy chairs, stands for popcorn drinks and much more.

Golden Duke, Moscow and Kinostar

Cinema multicomplex "Golden Duke" was opened in 1993, but still meets all the requirements of modern times. It operates six rooms, among which there is even a VIP-hall for 20 seats. In the cinema you can find and cafes where you can fairly inexpensively pizza or sandwiches. Chairs in the cinemas wide, and between the rows of relatively long distances, which is very convenient. Controlled microclimate.

Great cinema is "Moscow" in Odessa, but, unfortunately, it shows very few films. No less interesting is the new cinema «Kinostar», where there are no queues and chairs are comfortable and brand new, so very nice. After all, everyone likes new things.

One of the most famous theaters not only in Odessa, but also in the whole of Ukraine are considered "Masks". Many familiar actors from "Mask Show", and the building is consistent with the theater to his spirit. This is one of the best characters young and modern Odessa. Finally arthouse cinema U-cinema! It can be found in the Odessa Film Studio since 2010. There are also annual festivals of cinema.