One of the oldest museums not only in Odessa, but also in the whole of Ukraine is Odessa Archaeological Museum. It was founded in 1825, and contributed to the development of the institution members of the Odessa Society for History and Antiquities, established in 1839. They then have the right to carry out excavations in the area. To date, the museum you can see more than 160 000 exhibits. It is the largest collection of different information sources about ancient history severnoprichernomorskoy. Also stored here Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman coins, medals, and other monuments. Many hotels in Odessa recommend to go to this museum lovers of history, and despite the fact that they themselves often hotels are located also in the historically important buildings.

Beautiful Odessa Numismatics Museum, the only museum of its kind in Ukraine. Here you can see more than 2.5 000 coins and other artifacts. All of them belong to different epochs: and to the ancient times and the Middle Ages, and modern times ... The museum has two branches, which are equally interesting. And if prices on hotels in Odessa in 2015 remain moderate, the prices for tickets to the museum - even more so.

And what is for lovers of literature?

For connoisseurs of literature Mecca in Odessa is the Pushkin Museum, located on Pushkin Street. Today, the museum is located in the former once the hotel «Hotel du Nord», where in 1823 and stayed a great poet Alexander. Here you'll see Pushkin Odessa: unique drawings, autographs, lifetime editions of genius. Here he completed the poem "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai," wrote the poem "Gypsies", and at the same time 30 lyric poems. Here he composed the first two and a half chapters of the novel "Eugene Onegin". In addition, the museum also operates in Odessa State Literary Museum, one of the largest in Ukraine. It was founded in 1977 in the palace of Prince Gagarin. The building itself is very beautiful and combines classicism, Empire, baroque. Are bubbling and modern literary life, held presentations and concerts.

Visit the museum of art in Odessa

The works of artists are stored in museums such as the Museum of Western and Oriental Art and Art Museum. The first museum is located in a listed building in the palace, which was built by the architect L. Otto in 1856-1858 years. The second museum located in the palace of the Potocki and was founded in 1865. If contemporary art is concerned, you should go to the Museum of Modern Art in Odessa, opened in 2008. The atmosphere is "Odessa avant-garde."

No less interesting Odessa Museum of Navy, created in 1920. He is a real magnet for those who grew up on stories about the adventures at sea. Here you can see the anchors, rigging, model sailboats, photos, extensive evidence base. The museum tells how originated and developed shipbuilding, and with it - the fleet.

This is not the whole list of museums, lists only the most famous and visited one of them. But should see all the museums of Odessa.