For one day in Odessa can not ignore all of its attractions, and all week too. Therefore, there are special tourist routes, which, in turn, are divided into: cultural sightseeing, wine, environmental, ethnographic, active religious. Thus, cultural and educational tour is a sightseeing tour of Odessa. From the hotel in the center of Odessa to go to the main attractions are usually close, but the route is saturated and diverse. Almost at every step along the same street Deribasovskoy found more and more new unique historical objects: buildings and monuments. In addition, here, in spite of the modern achievements of civilization, preserved the spirit of the old Odessa, which came even Pushkin himself.

As prices of hotels in Odessa in 2021, the prices of these routes vary from low to high, and you can choose what you like: the palaces of Odessa, Odessa catacombs, and so on. D. One of the most interesting wine routes is the way from the basement Nouveau to French Boulevard. To environmental route include a sea voyage on a yacht, as well as a trip to the Danube. Ethnographic route shows all multinational Odessa region due to the preserved historical materials. Finally religious itinerary includes an interest in different religions: the synagogue and the church, and even a Lutheran church.

Top 3 of the route - on foot!

Cognitive walking routes, and not on four wheels. There are three main route designed for those who do not have time to delve into the guidebooks. Three routes show the main attractions of Odessa, the most interesting places and institutions, and at the same time include market.

So, the first route starts with a globe on the Trinity. Then there is the restaurant "Bernardazzi", located in the building in 1899, Lutheran Cathedral, built in 1827. After - Flea Market at Starokonke, Gotsmana Yard, Garden Utesova, cafe "compote", bringing Preobrazhensky park, Jewish Hospital, Garden Bears Jap.

The second route, you can start with the Greek streets, where there is a house with a balcony, the longest in Europe. The path continues past picturesque house with a tower on the Richelieu Street and the Palais Royal. In the heart of the city comes Triple yard. Then there is a cafe "Franzal" City Garden, Transfiguration Cathedral, area, and in the end - a circus, an employee in sharp contrast Cathedral. After - Through courtyard, Potocki Palace, a monument orange, Teschin bridge.

The third route, start with Shevchenko Park. Then comes the dolphinarium "Nemo", Restaurant "Berth number 1" on Langeron, cable car, Odessa Film Studio them. Dovzhenko, restaurant "Dacha", Botanical Garden, and finally complex "beachgoers," in which all day dining restaurant and a nightclub. It has a menu for children. Enjoy!

Learn Odessa - walk on it!