The history of Odessa did not stint on the many names of Primorsky Boulevard. So, initially, the boulevard was called New, then Primorsky, after the end of the Russian-Turkish war - Nikolaevsky, after 1920 was called the anarchist Feldman and only after the war and until now it is called Primorskii. Yes, the name itself reflects the essence of the boulevard, because the sea is splashing down below.

Primorsky Boulevard fascinates not only with its beauty, but is also famous for its architecture, and hundred-year-old chestnuts and plane trees will please your heart.

Now a bit of history of the appearance of the boulevard: it was Count Vorontsov who coveted in the place of his merchant's house to develop and approve a plan for the future boulevard. Then the plan was slightly corrected, the count's possessions were slightly "cut", and the boulevard itself was moved to the other side. The work was carried out tremendously:

  • the territory was cleared of debris, leveled,
  • there were railings along the cliff,
  • the first chestnuts, plane trees, lindens,

The alleys are laid and strewn with gravel.

From 2006 to the present, all the trees of the boulevard are decorated with multicolored luminous garlands. Originally planned to leave the decorations only for the New Year holidays, but left on a permanent basis.

As for architecture, we immediately recommend paying attention to the amazing architectural ensemble of palaces along the entire boulevard, which is interrupted in the middle by a semi-circle of twin buildings. In the center of the boulevard is the famous monument to Duke, and next to it is the Potemkin Stairs. Yes, many considered how many steps the ladder consists of. At the moment, there are exactly 193 of them, and once there were more.

The seaside boulevard offers a wonderful view of the sea, the port and the sea terminal. You can go down not only along the Potemkin Stairs, but also by a funicular.

Today it is impossible to imagine Odessa without the Primorsky Boulevard. It is a symbol of the city! Here there reigns a special, incomparable atmosphere! Here:

  • movies are being shot,
  • bridal bands play on weekends,
  • there are holidays,
  • concert programs are held.

Time goes on and on, everything changes, even the boulevard. But it still remains beautiful! And let always "the sea turns blue behind the boulevard", and life goes on!