Odessa - a city with a rich history, architecture, cultural scene, and that boils. But first of all Odessa glorified people, or rather, a person with a capital letter. In this city were born many well-known figures of culture and art. In the first place comes to mind of course Anna Akhmatova, whose maiden name was Gorenko. Today, her poems are considered classics and are cited more often than the verses of the first husband of Anna Akhmatova - ENU. Akhmatova dedicated their poems such great poets as Tsvetaeva and Brodsky. Whatever the attractive hotels in Odessa near the sea, or even the sea itself, but the poetry - this is a humanitarian aura that envelops the happy city. Happy - because in such an aura and there are outstanding personalities.

Zhvanetski and Isaac Babel

In Odessa, was born and modern satirist Zhvanetski. Today it wise to dismantle and slightly sarcastic quotes. For example, "Only in birthday know how many unnecessary things in the world" or "Born to crawl - crawl through everywhere." Even the prices of hotels in the center of Odessa after Mikhail Zhvanetskogo not seem important. The main thing - to feel that unique Odessa humor, which Zhvanetskiy was born and raised.

Present from Odessa was Isaac Babel. His first works he wrote in French, and only then, some time later, he began to write in Russian. As a master of the short story, Babel above all appreciate conciseness and accuracy. Language of his works was colorful as Odessa itself. Shot by the Bolsheviks, he was posthumously rehabilitated later.

Leonid Cliffs, Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov

At least, if not more famous Odessa writers humorists Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov. Surely there are few such who have not read "The Twelve Chairs" or at least not watched the movie. Until now, both the book and the film are considered true masterpieces, cause a smile and understanding. Two odessite managed to create a unique hero Ostap Bender, which today often confused with Stepan Bandera. In Odessa even a monument Twelve Chairs, which opened in 1999. Until now arranged a queue wanting to take a picture on it. Remains to complete the picture to erect a monument "Golden Calf", the novel-the continuation of "The Twelve Chairs".

The fact that in Odessa was born and lived the famous singer Leonid Cliffs shows dedicated a monument to him. Cliffs many sang about Odessa, this "Ah, Odessa, my!" - And "Odessa Teddy Bear," and many other songs. He could perform a variety of genres from jazz to romance. In addition, Cliffs wrote books, mostly about their activities. And they also invariably referred to Odessa.

Gregory Marazli. Being a Greek by birth, he put all his energy to make for Odessa real gem. It put on a par with Vorontsov and even de Richelieu, who also does a lot for the city. Generosity Marazli as patron entered the legend. Opera, the monument to Pushkin, Archaeological Museum ... many beautiful buildings in Odessa would not be without a patron Marazli.